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Your 2 minute tennis net adjuster!

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why Convert-a-Net

...Tennis Net Adjuster...

Finding it difficult to find a place to play pickleball, even when you are surrounded by a sea of tennis courts?

Does your community not allow striping for a pickleball court on either side of the tennis net?  

Then Convert-a-Net is the product for you!

Now any tennis net can be converted to a pickleball net. In as little as 2 minutes you can drop a tennis net to pickleball height without affecting the tennis cables or net straps…allowing clubs and communities to get the most out of their partially used tennis courts and making them multi-purpose! Convert-a-Net assures you will never miss an opportunity to Dink, Drop or Drive.    

Convert-a-Net, your 2-minute tennis net adjuster solution to Pickleball everywhere! 

Installation Video

Enjoy this short video, showing you how to install the Convert-a-Net!  Todays No.1 Tennis to Pickleball net adjuster.


Written installation instructions and how to mark your court...



Tennis to Picklebball court conversion (png)


Here's a quick pic on how to set up the court

  • All lines created are outside lines.  

  • The court measures 20' wide x 22' deep, with a 7' Non Volley Zone Line.

  • We find that using 2" painters tape works best and it won't leave any tape residue.

Real reviews, from real people...

Laurel H. from Pittsburg writes...

* * * * * Living in Pittsburgh, Pickleball is still playing catch-up as compared to some other states. There are hardly any dedicated outdoor Pickleball courts (if any) so play is played on tennis courts. Nobody carries a net crank tonlower the tennis net so the net is always too high for Pickleball. I recently tried the Convert-a-Net and it is awesome! The online video walks you through set up and after the first time, it is be a breeze to set up! Everyone should be able to play with a net that is official Pickleball height. Great system, Ernie!!

Tyler H. from Ohio writes...

* * * * * If you love Pickleball but are stuck playing on tennis courts this is the perfect product for you! No more issues finding the perfect ratchet setting on the net post all you have to do with this product is take 2 minutes to attach the straps and you are ready to play Pickleball at regulation height! Every serious Pickleball player without Pickleball courts should have one of these in their Pickleball gear bag. It is as essential to Pickleball as a good pair of Court shoes.

David Rowe from Texas writes...

* * * * * *  Thanks to Convert-a-Net we were FINALLY able to play pickleball as it was intended to be played! No more tennis height nets for us! The product is super easy to set up and works like a charm. If you're still playing over a tennis net, this is a must.

Gus Nezer from Fort Worth, Texas says...

* * * * * I too have had the chance to use Convert-a-Net and it works exactly as advertised. Like most Pickleball players, I am challenged to find places to play, although there are tennis courts throughout my area. The primary challenge in using one of these courts is to properly set the height of a tennis net for Pickleball. And although I have seen some ingenious "remedies" to address this problem, I was looking for a tennis net adjuster that was light & easy to carry around, and quick to install and takedown. And I learned firsthand that last point is important because Parks & Rec people are concerned with any devices that might damage their tennis nets. I found Convert-a-Net to be easy to set up (getting the height exactly right in the middle and at both side lines), and easy to take down and put back in it's carry sack. With no adverse impact to the tennis net! This is a great idea that solves a frustrating problem....quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Mike Doty, Dir. of Tennis at Bentwater Yacht Club says...

* * * * * Mike Doty, Director of Tennis at Bentwater Yacht and Country Club in Montgomery, Texas. Convert A Net has proved to be a very useful product for our club. With Tennis and Pickleball being played on our tennis courts everyday of the week, were constantly transitioning from Tennis to Pickleball. Convert A Net is easy and quick to install and allows our Pickleball players to enjoy the regulation height of a Pickleball net. A quality product that’s affordable and easy to set up and take down. If your playing Tennis and Pickleball on the same court then I recommend Convert A Net for your Pickleball players. 

Convert-a-Net and Mend-a-Net

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