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Your 2 minute tennis net adjuster!

Mend-a-Net...portable pickleball net repair kit

torn nets...


you don't have to play Pickelball on torn nets..

...not anymore

Tennis net adjuster, portable pickleball repair kit

Mend-a-Net is professional and simple to install before or after the damage... pickleball portable pickleball net

Mend-a-Net - portable pickleball net repair kit


...your portable pickleball repair kit, to prevent tearing or before the tear begins!

$11.99 per Mend-a-Net repair kit

Ship via First Class Mail for $4.95 (2 - 5 days) up to 8 kits

Order via First Class Mail

...or ship via Priority Mail for $9.95 for orders of more than 9 kits.

Order via priority mail

Product Availability

How to install the Mend-a-Net

This is just a quick installation video...enjoy!!!

Convert-a-Net and Mend-a-Net

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